Red lips are one of those things that will never go out of style, and they're universally flattering. Problem is, many women don't wear them because they can't find a shade that's flattering or worry that it will be too bright to be pretty. Well, worry no more, fair ladies. Lipstick impresario Poppy King is answering the eternal question: how do you choose a red lipstick? To find out how to get your red right, just keep reading.

Know your undertones:

Poppy says, "There's not as much a right and wrong as there is a general rule — the fairer you are, the more you look for a red that has orange undertones. And then if you're deep-skinned, with deeper-colored hair, you look for a red with more pink undertones."

Don't go overboard with the rest of your makeup: "I think the number one key to wearing red isn't so much the red itself as backing off on the rest of your makeup—that's what makes it suit women," Poppy says. "What doesn't suit women is when you wear red with a full face of makeup, because it's just too much."

Find your comfort zone: "Figure out what kind of red you feel most comfortable in — the texture and finish, whether you're scared of a full-strength red," Poppy advises. "I love matte reds, but that's just my comfort zone, and I love designing colors in all kinds of textures and finishes."