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How to Conceal Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes

How to Conceal Under-Eye Circles

Under-eye circles are nobody's friend. Luckily, it's easy to conceal them with some simple makeup tricks. Find out how to hide even the darkest circles with help from makeup artist Lori Taylor. She's showing our reader Sara how to look like she got a full night's rest in just a few minutes. Watch now!

tinzy tinzy 5 years
So besides the brush I only need 4 products? Not exactly budget friendly... 
modelcitizen13 modelcitizen13 5 years
I agree- this definitely works on her, but she doesn't have quite the "punched-in-the-face" look that I do in the morning. And in the afternoon. And at night.
jacquelined jacquelined 5 years
I have designer bags under my eyes that make me look like I was out all night with Courtney Love on a bender, and setting it with powder DOESN'T WORK. Don't try it ladies, use MAC's concealer in the pot (it's a bit expensive but I've had mine for 2 years and am barely half way through) and don't set it with powder. I take bronzer and lightly tap it on the outer half of my under eye circles and just below my under eye circles and it helps make my skin look flawless. The slight sheen from the concealer works as an eye brightener and almost completely covers my basically black under eye circles.
Smashboxchick Smashboxchick 6 years
Great job, it seems to have helped her eye bag to appear less visible. I have an annoying blue vein under mine, maybe you could do a video showing how to conceal those.
reynolda reynolda 6 years
I also found this really disappointing; this girl doesn't really have problematic dark circles. On a great day when I've had tons of sleep, I still look like I got punched in both eyes. A "creamy concealer" and translucent powder just really don't do the job.
katekellyhey katekellyhey 6 years
Or save yourself a bunch of money and just buy YSL touche eclat. Granted it's still a splurge, but it really is all you need to cover under eye circles. I've had my one tube for almost a year and it's still pumping out that miracle concealer!
kleverbear kleverbear 6 years
I did see the dark circles. But all these tips are things I knew in 1985 too. The fact of the matter is if you use that much make up anywhere on your skin it will settle into the fine lines that we all have and create deepset wrinkles. Also not beautiful.
dareu dareu 6 years
yeah, I don't see any dark circles either...she has flawless skin and barely needs any concealer...
Molly-Goodson Molly-Goodson 6 years
I'm always so impatient with dealing with my under eye situation, but this definitely seems doable and noticeable. Trying it tomorrow (watch out Sugar girls, it's gonna be pretty exciting)!
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