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How to Contour Your Feet

Contouring Is the Easiest Way to Flaunt Fancy Feet

Huda Kattan called itbody contouring is just going to keep evolving. We've seen women use makeup to sculpt a tighter tush, glam gams, and even get a narrower neck. But we're particularly puzzled by the newest iteration of the trend: foot contouring.

In the video, a dark shade is carefully painted on toes, faking a new bone structure to make them look skinnier and more dainty. Once it's blended, the look is completed with a touch of highlighter.

While we could maybe see this technique coming in handy on the set of a photo shoot, it seems quite unrealistic for the ordinary woman. After all, it's a gross but true fact that feet get super sweaty, which means that your makeup will likely melt off into your sandals. If you're looking for a lazy-girl hack for more tantalizing tootsies, skip foot contouring and try pedicure stockings instead.

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