Hey there, party girl. Have lots of social obligations over the next couple weeks, with too much vodka and nary a good night of shut-eye in sight? Don't fret — it happens to everyone this time of year. But there's something you should know: the difference between a small hangover no one notices and a total disaster is a matter of preparedness. I've got a six-step plan to help you cope and look great, no matter how much your head and stomach are gonna hate you. So pop an ibuprofen, grab a glass of water, and read more. 


  • If you're pale, apply a little self-tanner to your face before you go out the night prior. When you wake up it'll counteract the extra pallid skin you get from a bad night.
  • De-puff. If you've done what you should and had a glass of water between every drink, your face may be feeling the bloat (trust me, it's better than what you would've been feeling had you not chugged that Dasani). The solution? Before you go out, wet a washcloth, put it in a sandwich baggie, and pop it in the fridge. It's immediate sweet relief. Put your eye cream in the fridge, too, for extra under eye de-puffery. If your skin is blotchy and dull-looking, try an aspirin mask, and then take a couple yourself. When you're done, put in some anti-redness eye drops.
  • Find some shimmery white eyeliner, like Korres Colour Soft Eyeliner Pencil in White ($13). When you're getting ready, waterline your eyes with it and then use it in the inner corners. It brightens your peepers up and makes them look less red.
  • Concealer is really important. Use a yellow-based shade under your eyes and on your lids to counteract the purple, or put a thick yellow concealer like Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Stick in Yellow ($5) on beneath your regular concealer.
  • Lightly sweep a light pink blush with shimmer, like Rollerblush in Pink Glimmer ($5), across your cheekbones, nose, temples, chin, and forehead. It deflects light and makes you look healthier.
  • Your hair is probably a mess. Put it in a loose braid — it hides grease and tangles, and looks styled.