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How to Cut Your Own Hair

How to Cut Your Own Hair: 5 Tips to Consider

Believe it or not, cutting your own hair at home isn't as crazy of an idea as it actually seems. But before you go reaching for your plastic coated safety scissors, there are some definite tips you need to remember. Never fear, we have your go-to guide right here:

  • Don't go it alone if you can. Ask a friend or a roommate that you trust to even out the hard-to-reach places, like the back, for you. And never cut too much. Think: a very subtle trim.
  • Don't get too fancy. Cutting in layers and angles isn't the kind of thing you want to do haphazardly, and they require technique, so keep your first couple cuts to a single length. Leave the advanced cuts to your stylist.
  • Use your fingers as a guide. It's easy to accidentally angle your scissors up or down, creating weird holes and gaps in your hair. So hold the sections you're cutting parallel between your fingers to help keep your shears even. Tip: instead of cutting straight across, consider chipping into the hair by holding your shears perpendicular to your fingers. This will give you a softer, more natural finish.
  • If you want something truly simple, this is probably the easiest way to cut hair if it's wet: flip your head over, brush it out, and then cut in a straight line all the way across. It'll create a bit of movement without a harsh line.
  • Keep the sections you're working on small, and longer than you think you'll want them — it's always better to have a little more hair you can even out later. And if your hair has even a little curl, it'll be a good deal shorter when it dries. In fact, the curlier your hair, the longer you should leave it if you're nervous about overcutting.
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