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How to Do a French Braid Updo

Learn This Deceptively Easy Braided Updo

Here's an excerpt of a cool hair how-to from OnSugar blog Beauty & the Blog, who recently whipped up this braided updo for her 16-year-old daughter, Sage:

Sage found an image on Tumblr with a French braid done in a "S" shape. I duplicated it for her for school:

  • DIY: French braid following from the crown around to the side hairline, back to the other side and along the neckline; just like the pic above. Tuck up the ends and pin — don't forget to "lock" your pins by crossing two in an "X" formation.
  • Have fine hair? Blow-dry upside down with some mousse which gives added volume and texture. Don't worry about flyways as it adds to the texture. But if the flyaways really bug you, use a soft toothbrush with a hint of pomade to gently comb them down.
  • For more, be sure to check out the rest of the post. Remember: if you'd like to start your own blog, it's easy. Just create a site, write about what you love, and you could be featured right here on Bella, just like Beauty & the Blog.

    Andrea-Claire Andrea-Claire 5 years
    Better late than never! ;) I would love to see your wedding photos! Thank you for your comment! Here I show you how to do this on my beauty series Glam Up! on Yahoo! Apparently some people get tired arms so to help with that: Sit on a chair or couch and rest your elbows on the back, it takes the strain off while you do it. Soon you will find that you can zip through the styles in no time without the need to rest your arms. :)
    Andrea-Claire Andrea-Claire 6 years
    ICWC - Thanks! Yup, Sage is the best coiffed 16 yr old at high school. LOL. Shobana - You can incorporate this with any 'design' at the front. Sweeping fringe, heavy bang, side sweep... the hair world is your oyster. As for the front of Sage's hair for this; it was similar to (but with a smidge of volume):
    Shobana-Lakkavally Shobana-Lakkavally 6 years
    Hey Andrea!! Love the style. Question though, how does the front look? Thanks!
    Image-Consultant-William-Cane Image-Consultant-William-Cane 6 years
    Any girl who has a mom who will do this for her early in the morning is a lucky child! Our clients never had it so good, since they have to go to the salon and the policy is to take them there and give them advice and then let them be styled. We think you did a great job transforming her, and I doubt that many high school gals have hair that looks so good.
    cdelaney cdelaney 6 years
    Simply stunning--I love it! Thanks for the tips! I hope to try it soon!
    Andrea-Claire Andrea-Claire 6 years
    Thanks MashiaraQCS! Since enquiries are pouring in, I hope I can shed some light. Here's an update with some step-by-step photos: AC
    MashiaraQCS MashiaraQCS 6 years
    I am pretty adept at French Braids but this is sort of like those puzzle pictures that you have to stare at for a long time before you finally see the picture within. I just don't quite see it or follow the braid process, which is off course all part of the amazing-ness of the hairstyle. I would love to have seen pictures 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 of the way done to help me along on my way to achieve my own version of this hairstyle. It is fantastic though :)
    Andrea-Claire Andrea-Claire 6 years
    Anonymous, Yes. It is just a French braid; but in an 'S' not straight down - it does look a little 'smoke & mirrors-esque' but I assure you it's not. :) Quite honestly, this took less than 10 minutes to do. Yes, I am a trained professional [lol] - but if you can master a French then this won't be hard. Another tip too - it doesn't need to be perfect- loose ends and texture make it more casual. Jaime - My Pleasure & thank you!
    Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 6 years
    Thanks, Andrea! Awesome tips!
    Andrea-Claire Andrea-Claire 6 years
    morepolishplease, Well. That is such a wonderful compliment. Thank you. French braid tips: *practice while sitting on a low back chair/sofa as you can then rest your elbows on the back; easier to braid. *keep your hands against your scalp as you braid which gives a tighter braid *a little product ie hair spray or light volumizing spray gives the hair 'grip' so it won't slide around while you braid *start with a small section divided into three, as you braid collect a little more from side to side and braid in... understandable... kinda?? helpful... kinda? [how many times did I say 'braid' in my answer. :) ] And, yes. I live in Singapore. I'm a Canadian planted here, for now.
    morepolishplease morepolishplease 6 years
    LOVE. it! You are an amazing hairstylist. I hope you get told that everyday and very often. I was wondering though, could you provide a bit more detail on how to do this...? I am TERRIBLE at French braiding my own hair, which is probably why your daughter asked you to do it for her haha BTW, you really live in Singapore because it's going to make it difficult for me to want to get a haircut from you all the way from LA!
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