So your hair is perfectly coiffed, and your makeup looks amazing. You're all set for your holiday party . . . until you get into the bathroom and realize that cheap merlot you've been sipping has turned your lips and teeth an unsightly shade of aubergine. What do you do? Lucky for you, parties are not only a great place to mix and mingle. They're also stocked with fixes for these party mishaps:

  • Wine lips: If you've don't have a matching purple lipstick (hey, it could happen), don't panic. Grab a lime and a dash of salt from the minibar. Instead of chasing a tequila shot with it, sprinkle the salt on the lime and gently buff your lips and teeth. The acidity of the lime and the salt work together to create a makeshift exfoliant. Just don't make a habit of this — the acid from the lime can be harmful to your teeth.
  • Frizzy hair: Get caught in the rain on your way to your soiree? You're covered. Reach for some hand moisturizer and rub a tiny dollop into your hands. Lightly run your fingers through your hair, taking care not to focus on one area for too long (especially your roots). The moisturizer will flatten frizz, leaving you with silky strands all evening.
  • Lipstick teeth: Oh, the dreaded lipstick teeth. Whether it's you or your Aunt Mildred, there's always someone affected by this common mishap. If your lipstick just doesn't want to stay put, use your lip balm as a barrier. Swipe some on your fingers and apply it to the innermost part of your lips. This will keep your pigment from transferring to your pearly whites.
  • Bad breath: Bite into that crostini only to get the overwhelming taste of garlic? You don't have to suffer all night. Just scoot back over to the minibar and grab some citrus. Sucking on a lemon for a few minutes helps promote saliva production, which aids in combating bad breath.