How to Get Christina Hendricks's Dressy, Messy Bun

Finding a hairstyle that's both laid-back and dressed up is no simple feat, but at yesterday's Academy of Magical Arts Awards in LA, Christina Hendricks did so with this loopy look. Her messy, dressy bun is the perfect look for events like Springtime weddings, nights out dining al fresco, or just catching a matinée at the theater. Whatever the occasion, I've got some advice on getting Christina's fun look.

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  • Sectioning: Separate your fringe from the back of your hair. Then, separate the hair at your nape from the rest of your hair. (The back should look something like this, but with a little more hair left out.)
  • The pony: Take the middle section of hair and tease it to create volume. Lightly smooth over it with a comb to tame down any flyaways. Pull this section back into a ponytail, creating a small "poof" by not completely looping it through your elastic.
  • The tuck: Tuck and pin under any loose hairs from the end of the ponytail.
  • The loop: Split the bottom section in half vertically. Layer one end over the other, and lift them up toward the pony. Using your fingers, create a loop from these bottom pieces, securing with pins.
  • The fringe: Use a styling iron to create a bit of wave on your face-framing layers to finish off the look. Set it with a light-hold hair spray.
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Her hair color looks really fake. Her eyes are gorgeous though
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