...and Padma and even Anne. In the most recent issue of Allure, I read a cool tip that Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi follows to create Sophia Loren-esque eyes. First, she starts by applying some black eyeliner to her lash line, then adds a blue liner on top. Simple, easy, and sexy — a classic look.

Usually, having any black and blue anywhere on my body is something I try to avoid, but we're talking Sophia Loren here, so I just had to try to duplicate this look. I began by drawing a winged out, heavy-on-the-outer-corners black line, then smudged on a deep navy liner powder. The results were dramatic, trendy, and oh-so 1960s chic.

Check out my list below to see what middle-priced liners I used. I've also included some drugstore and department store finds to guide you on achieving this look:

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