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Yesterday I took a little jaunt down to Sephora to check out some new nail polish shades. I was fixated on the bluish-green-toned Ocean Love Potion ($9), perfect for that oceanic nail trend we've been seeing as of late. After looking through the display case for my new favorite turquoise shade, I noticed a small sign: "Please do not paint on fixture." Although I question the idea of trying out polish on your nails in the first place, isn't it just as bad to create visual clutter, particularly when specifically instructed not to do so? What's your try-it-on philosophy?

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fifthdaughter fifthdaughter 7 years
I just bought Ocean Love Potion last night at Sephora! It is such a beautiful color. But I either paint it on my nail or buy a color after I've seen swatches online.
Ayu Ayu 7 years
I usually don't try them. But then again in my city the polishes are already swatched all around like on the picture above. I either buy polish based on online swatches or because it looks interesting and is cheap enough that I don't feel bad if it's not perfect.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 7 years
Theres a cheap beauty brand in Aus called BYS (Be Your Self) and they make little swatches where you can actually fit your nail underneath to see what it looks like. Usually I buy by looking at the bottle, if I'm not sure I put a little on the end of my longest nail and wipe it off.
untitled1 untitled1 7 years
The only things I ever "Test out" is shampoo, lotion, deodorant, etc. And by test out I mean open and smell them to see if I like the scent. I've never even thought of testing nail polish.
sarasonne sarasonne 7 years
I've never tried before buying and I never will because when I buy a new bottle of polish from a store, I want it to be a BRAND NEW bottle of polish, not something a bunch of people have used already. Not classy, people.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
you have to test! pigmentation always differs. i just got ELF polish and it turned out to be so watery and almost see through. 3 coats! and now it looks OKish. I usually get the same result with just one coat.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
haha that would never happen in England :)
miss-leanne miss-leanne 7 years
No I don't, that's a giant pet peeve of mine. The worst part is, you usually see this around the bottles that cost no more than a few dollars.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 7 years
If there's a tester I'll try it on my nail if they're not already painted. I usually go by the bottle. I hate when I see people painting fixtures. I think they should put a roll of tape at the display to sample TESTERS the way texasgirliee described.
poizenisxkandee poizenisxkandee 7 years
something i learned from a favorite blogger, who learned from a lancome counter, was to place a piece of tape (scotch tape, any kind of clear tape) on the nail and paint that. you can see what it looks like on you and not have to share germs. works at counters and places that have testers. drugstores and some beauty stores dont have these; so i check nail/beauty blogs and ask around; then look at the bottle and take a chance.
nylorac nylorac 7 years
ok painting your toenail with the sample polish is disgusting, and i'm happy that sephora has considerate employees who would throw that out! and fragrant strips are my favorite way to test them out as well... when people paint on the fixtures i find that really rude especially when the strips are usually right there for use! and if they're out of them, painting my own nail and then using nail polish remover right afterward is a good alternative.
sillyone06 sillyone06 7 years
If there is a tester bottle, I do a small drop on my actual finger. It prevents me from painting my nail, and that way I can see what it looks like when it dries.
ffxgirl1 ffxgirl1 7 years
i usually end up taking a risk. i also was fixated by ocean love potion and bought it. luckily i loved it!
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 7 years
I don't get why the companies who make the polish don't make swatches themselves. The Sephora I go to places a piece of tape below each row of polish and it has a swatch of the color.
Miss-Bree Miss-Bree 7 years
ew kim! I'd like to say it surprises me, but I worked at at a department store for a while and lets just say some people (i.e. multiple people) just couldn't seem to make it to the bathroom sometimes....ew. On that note, I never try on nail polish. Darker colors are usually pretty accurate to the bottle, and I generally know which brands I like and how the consistency of the polish will turn out. I suppose I've been burned by some pinks and reds, but eh, a small sacrifice to the beauty gods. I do, however, try lotions at Sephora, Bath and Body works, etc, but that's about it.
lemuse20 lemuse20 7 years
I may open the bottle and examine the color on the brush, but that's it. It slightly annoys me to see spotches of polish all over the displays...
ren_kr ren_kr 7 years
I usually scope out the marks that other pple had made before me if the color is there or i wave around the bottle over my nails to and try to visualize it on my nails. I agree with how unsanitary it is to try it on you nails and not purchase the bottle you opened.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I just had this dilemna while looking at the OPI selection at Ulta (Sorry Kim - I prefer sephora but it's about an hour away and Ulta is down the road.) They had no tester bottles and I wasn't about to crack open a bottle to test it on myself or unsuspecting fixtures. So I didn't buy any although I may go back and buy it because I really want this one color.
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
I tend to just go by the bottle actually and visualize it. I just figure nail polish is like paint and there's no way I could possibly get the color wrong.. it's not like lipstick where the pigmentation could be different in the tube and on my lips etc.. all that good stuff. And if I absolutely have to see it on my nails and there's no tester in sight I would rather pass. Not too big on nail polish anyhow. :)
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Wait, people are trying non-tester bottles? I thought this was in reference to places like Sephora, that have a tester for each color.
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