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We are all extraordinary in our own ways. We walk to our own beats, we forge our own paths, and we collectively seek to make this world a better place than it was when we found it. It's not an easy task, but hey, it's worth it. Diet Coke is doing its part. Click here to check out all of the inspiring ideas to stay extraordinary.

For all your efforts, we'd like to reward you with a little treat, a chance to recharge. Leave a comment to tell us how you stay extraordinary to win an unforgettable destination spa weekend for yourself and one of your equally extraordinary friends.

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maria1990 maria1990 6 years
for me life is a hard journey with no completion and i work extra hard to keep moving
tanners12 tanners12 6 years
I stay extraordinary by pushing myself to try new things. New experiences and activities keep us young and vital. Some of those new things are a 2 day running relay and volunteering internationaly, experiences that feed the soul are most extraordinary.
Ravzie Ravzie 6 years
Do you have a winner?
vegan4life vegan4life 6 years
by voluntering ty
terrigogo terrigogo 6 years
by keeping a youthful, positive spirit and not acting my age :)
slehan slehan 6 years
I stay extraordinary by volunteering. My favorite volunteer job is as a tour guide for the Horticultural Therapy Sensory Garden at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Thanks for the contest.
Lvpierson Lvpierson 6 years
I stay extraordinary by trying to stay young...I stay fit, and I try to go to fun events and have chats with random people :D
garrettsambo garrettsambo 6 years
I stay extraordinary by being true to myself. I blaze my own path and I am considerate of others.
aalfarhan aalfarhan 6 years
I stay extraordinary by keeping mentally fit as well as physically.
CBTD CBTD 6 years
I workout regularly and try to be the best mom I can be.
Atreau Atreau 6 years
I stay extraordinary by giving of my time. I'm a volunteer!
I try new things! If I never try it, I'll never know if I'll like it. Sushi, bikini wax, rappelling, surfing, threading...things I appreciate and do so because I tried 'em out!
Schlauberger Schlauberger 6 years
I support my friends and family...
gatorgalen gatorgalen 6 years
Diet drinks is very helpful, and exercie.
Taminar Taminar 6 years
I stay extraordinary by trying to learn something new all the time.
ndmom8 ndmom8 6 years
I exercise daily and make sure I eat lots of fruits and vegetables
tanners12 tanners12 6 years
I stay extraordinary by giving of myself to others. I volunteer for the environment, animals, and my church and community. I also tyr to be good to myself, although I have to make me do that - it's easier for me to give to others!
ac10 ac10 6 years
i do this by pampering myself and getting mini-vacations.
dolls123 dolls123 6 years
Staying true to myself
elsmarlouamrman elsmarlouamrman 6 years
Extra-ordinary - I do everyday things, with everyday people, yet in a special caring way. And...I remember to try to take care of myself daily...
amanda823s amanda823s 6 years
I get together with my girlfriends as often as possible. Nothing refreshes me like a good night of giggling with them!
tushambi tushambi 6 years
I stay extraordinary by joining organizations and speaking up. I have noticed that people are afraid to challenge authority,corect misinformation or stand up for what's right. They often don't support those who deserve to be supported. That's how we lose our freedom. It's a crime to sit like a bump on a log and not speak up when someone is saying or doing something wrong.
brianpiero brianpiero 6 years wife & I stay extraordinary by sharing our lives with good friends & family.
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