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How to Dye Hair With Nutella

People Dyeing Their Hair With Nutella Is the Weirdest Color Trend of 2017

Beauty junkies love to experiment with their looks, and for some, the crazier the method, the better. Whether it's curling your hair with marshmallows, trying out a beer facial or rubbing turmeric on your scalp, many of us will try anything once. Beirut-based stylist Abed Allahitani is taking this attitude to the next level by coloring his client's hair with Nutella.

The hairstylist posted a video to his Instagram showing how he accomplishes his delectable color. The unusual method combines Nutella and condensed milk to create glossy, caramel-hued strands. Though there's no explanation of the effect the desserts have on the hair (or how long it takes to wash the sticky treats out), we're still totally mesmerized by the result. Watch the above clip to see the tasty technique in action.

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