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Greasy Girl: Four Tips For Fixing Oily Hair

Looking for a greasy hair fix? Whether it's from hormones, stress, genetics, or a scalp gunked up by product overuse, oily hair and scalps need special assistance, so I've put together some tips to help you help yourself. To cut the grease, just keep reading.

  1. One cheap preventive measure: Use a shampoo with tea tree oil, like Jason Scalp Normalizing Tea Tree Shampoo ($7.50). Just as it does on the rest of your skin, tea tree will help cut down on oiliness without drying your scalp out. Bonus: It also gives you a fresh, clean-feeling tingle.
  2. Epsom salts ($6) are great for just about everything that ails you, according to my dad, who loves weird-sounding, old-timey remedies. He's right about this for oily hair, though. Dissolve one half cup of salts into three cups of lukewarm water and use the soak as a deep-cleaning pre-shampoo rinse. So cheap and yet so effective. They're advertised for use as a "gentle laxative," but this claim remains very happily untested. For more epsom salt uses, read my story here.
  3. Use a little dry shampoo — sparingly — on your roots. Dry shampoo has made a big comeback lately, but it can weigh your hair down like any product, so just make sure you use something light, preferably an aerosol like Batiste ($6), which also comes in a bunch of scents. Brush it out like there's no tomorrow.
  4. If you're in a really terrible situation and you need it de-oiled fast, there's always bathroom paper towels. Part your hair in four to six different places along the top of your head and tuck a sheet of paper towel in the same way you would a highlighting foil. Use a brush or another piece of paper towel (not your fingers; that'll just make it worse) to press down so that the oil gets absorbed. Do this for about two minutes. A perfect solution? Far from it. But at least you won't look greasy.

Photo by Flickr user abulic_monkey

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