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How to Get Alicia Keys' Wavy Hair

Get Sexy Waves Just Like Alicia Keys

Avon Global Stylist Advisor Tippi Shorter has given us lots of excellent tips over the past few weeks, from her perspective on what's hot now with Winter hair trends to her advice on getting gorgeous hair in a flash. Now, Shorter, who frequently works with Alicia Keys, has some inside information on how she works with the songstress's locks to create this signature waved style. The sexy look is easy to re-create, and you can find it when you read more.

Shorter says:

If you have either naturally curly hair like she [Alicia] does, or if you have straight hair, what we do from the shampoo and conditioning, is we start to use products that help to enhance waves. Once the conditioner has been rinsed out, I'll use something like a volumizing mousse and I will put her hair in about three or four braids. Because we're under time constraints, I will run a blow-dryer up and down her braids just to help dry it, but it's something you can do overnight and let it dry. And once you take the braids out, you have gorgeous waves.

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