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Fans of Alfred Hitchcock's movies will enjoy this LA Times piece that breaks down the archetypal Hitchcock heroine (though, if you allow me to be a film geek, I'd argue that Hitch didn't have any real heroines, but that's neither here nor there). Check out two of the ways to get the quintessential look:

  • Hitchcock's favorite coif was a tight, coiled-up do in a shade of brut Champagne. Typically, those severe buns would unravel as the character encountered obstacles such as dementia, amnesia or a savage attack by crows.

For one more suggestion,

  • Use a swath of red lipstick, and nothing more. Hitchcock women never over-accentuated their features. This fall, the crisp, crimson kiss of lipstick has replaced the glossy pout. Pick a color that will leave a dramatic lip print.

Now, not every Hitchcock woman wore red lipstick. The director didn't just slap red lipstick on his actresses for the heck of it; his "good" female characters wore cool, barely-there makeup to minimize their sexuality, while red lipstick blatantly signified sex (which, in Hitch's world, means trouble). For instance, in Vertigo, the idealized Madeleine has light pink lips and blonde hair; but as "imperfect" Judy, she has red hair and red lips.

I'm so fascinated by Hitchcock's women because he made sure they were coiffed and dressed to a T—creating an extremely idealized version of what he thought women should be. "You know why I favor sophisticated blondes in my films?" he once said. "We're after the drawing-room type, the real ladies, who become whores once they're in the bedroom." Well, there you go.

Who's your favorite Hitchcock blonde? And are there any other quintessential Hitch hair or makeup looks that you can think of?


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