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How To Get Hot Runway Hair

There's no question we're admiring the clothes at New York Fashion Week, but what we're really coveting is that full, flowy hair atop the gorgeous, leggy models. Big, soft curls are everywhere right now, and the look is reminiscent of old Hollywood glam. As Jessica Simpson's stylist Ken Paves has said, "Soft curls have a casual, lived-in sensuality, and they're flattering to all hair types." Here's how to get perfect runway-ready hair at home.

  • Step 1: Prime Your Hair. Towel-dry your hair and prep it with a volumizing tonic on the roots before you blow it dry. I like TRESemme's Instant Heat Tamer Styling Spray, which you can buy here for $3.79. These products, which come in mousse, spray, and gel forms, are meant to lift your hair at the roots. Use a large, round brush to blow dry.
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  • Step 2: Roll With It. You'll need 12 medium-to-large velcro rollers and 12 fasteners. Separate your hair into four sections: the crown (about two inches wide on the top of your head), the right side, the left side, and the back. Place three rollers in each of the sections, holding your hair taught, then starting from the ends and rolling hair under toward your scalp. Fasten the rollers with a small clip.
  • Step 3: Let It Loose. Leave your hair in the rollers for about 15 to 20 minutes—the perfect amount of time to apply your make-up. Then, carefully unwind each of the rollers one by one. Next, flip your head upside down and and gently finger-brush your hair, starting from the scalp downward, to loosen up the curls. They should look like soft waves. Lastly, flip your head up and shake it out. Brush your hair from roots to ends, and lightly spray your hair with a misty hair spray to ensure longevity.
  • Step 4: Curl It, Girl. As a finishing touch, enhance the curls by touching them up for a few seconds each with a curling iron. Start at the roots and gently wrap hair around the iron. Use a touch of flexible-hold hair spray at the very end.

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