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How to Get Katniss's Braid From The Hunger Games

Learn How to Create Katniss's Iconic Hunger Games Braid

The Hunger Games won't be in theaters until March, but thanks to the movie's lead stylist, Linda Flowers, you can get Katniss Everdeen's signature undone braid right now. "The key to pulling off this style is being creative," Flowers says. "Her character is fierce yet feminine, so her hair is meant to have texture and look effortless." Ready to get just as inventive as our District 12 heroine? Keep reading for the complete step-by-step.

Step one: prep
Start by setting hair with The TopStyler, a curling and waving system that Flowers invented herself, using a soft-spin technique to form texture and dimension. Do this by twisting the hair a few times, wrapping it backward with one finger, and clamping it in place using the ceramic shell clips (much the same as you would hot rollers). Let your hair set for 10 minutes and release when cool.

Step two: braid
Create a side-swept French braid by starting on the left side of your head and plaiting around until it drapes over your right shoulder. For a natural, unfinished look, leave a few wispy pieces out of the braid to frame your face.

Join The Conversation
ArtsyArchitette ArtsyArchitette 5 years
Hi BellaSugar!! - you've been mentioned: 
ashleeamazing ashleeamazing 5 years
Katniss' signature braid is supposed to be a single, straight braid that falls straight down her back. Not a wrap-around french braid that that starts on the left side of her head and falls over her right shoulder.
Ellenora Ellenora 5 years
@Rose87 There are photos on BuzzSugar (click on The Hunger Games link under the title, look at the 12/15/11 post for the back view from a poster.) It is most definitely a French Dutch diagonal braid! (I mean, if you're hair is long enough, you can flip it to the side like that.) I tried doing it the stylist's way (I didn't curl my hair because my stick straight hair won't keep curls one iota unless they're wet set pin curls) and I got something way different from the photos. Then, I did a French Dutch diagonal, and it looks like Katniss' braid, only not as thick! The stylist lies!
roses87 roses87 5 years
I agree with Ellenora... it's definitely not a traditional French braid. It's definitely like a diagonal French Dutch braid. This post doesn't even have a view of the back! And I'm really hating the shout-out to the TopStyler... it just seems so out-of-place...
Ellenora Ellenora 5 years
Are you sure it's just a regular ol' French braid? I'm looking at the posters (and the screen caps) and that definitely looks like a diagonal French Dutch braid. Her braid is actually a braid I wear frequently, and in order to get the braided sections up top, you need to Dutch as well as French braid. (Maybe I'm the only one who notices these things.) If only I had Katniss' thick hair...
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