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Over the past two weeks, longtime hairstylist John Frieda has been solving our hair problems. He's already given us tips on taming frizz, and he's provided a simple way to achieve instant volume. Today, it's all about getting the results you want from your hair dryer. Have you ever left the house after blow-drying your hair, only to be stricken with limp or too-frizzy locks later in the day? There's a reason for these inflictions, but the good news is there are a few things you can do about it. To find out Frieda's suggestions for getting the most out of your blow dryer, keep reading.

  • Moisture Levels: "Getting all the moisture out is very, very important," says Frieda. "There is an exact moment when hair passes from wet to dry," he explains. If you don't dry your hair enough, you leave behind too much moisture, which can cause eventual frizz. However, if you overdry, it will also frizz. On top of all that, frizzy hair tends to hold onto moisture. What to do?
  • When Do You Know You're Done?: As long as the hair has moisture in it, it will be cool to the touch, as evaporation causes cooling. "The minute I squeeze it [the hair] and it's hot in my hand, the moisture is gone. Stop [drying]," he says.
  • When Diffusing Curly Locks: For a tighter curl pattern, scrunch and squeeze the hair closer to the scalp when diffusing. Add heat and release. Repeat with the scrunching and heating process until the hair is fully dry. For looser curl, let the hair hang instead of bunching it into the diffuser.
  • Tilt a Girl: "Drying [the hair] equally is very important," says Frieda. Tilting the hair to the sides while blow-drying allows the hair to dry more evenly.
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