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How to Get Ombré Highlights For Summer

How to Update Your Ombré Highlights This Summer

While the ombré trend has been going strong for seasons now, we've seen various adaptations of the graduating style over the course of its popularity. And while extreme ombré is out (think: high-contrast color and overly obvious roots), this season, it's all about the s'ombré, aka the softer side of ombré, explains celebrity stylist and Schwarzkopf ambassador Kim Vo. "We've added a warmth to it, we've added caramel colors to it, and we've added a little bit of highlights on top, around the face, just to soften it up," says Vo, who notes that celebrity ombré lovers, including Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel, have both started following this modernized, kiss-of-ombré mantra.

But by all means, whenever you're opting for any lighter color, whether it's ombré or not, avoid matchy-matchy roots. "People assume the root color should be blonder than their end color." However, great blondes are rootier with light ends: "It's much more dimensional," Vo says. Celebrity examples: Heidi Klum and Jennifer Aniston.

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