I wear a lot of heels, which are a surefire way to get calluses, but even if you don't, those cute ballet flats, comfy Chucks, or spiffy top-siders are putting pressure on several points on your feet, causing callus buildup. It's not like calluses are harmful — they're a natural part of life — it's just that they're ugly, and it's guaranteed you won't notice one until you're about to go out on a date wearing cute new sandals. To prevent this scenario, I've put together three inexpensive tricks to keep calluses at bay. So just keep reading.



  • The PedEgg ($10) may look like a weird cheese grater, but it's saved my dignity several times when my feet were less than beach-worthy and I only had a couple minutes. Get the men's version; it's the same price but it's bigger and has more files.
  • If you've got at least 15 minutes, try Pretty Hands & Feet ($7). My mom swears by this callus remover lotion, and I have to admit — it's kind of magical. If you use it after the PedEgg, your feet will be both soft and supple. It's my favorite way to a cheapie 20-minute pedicure.
  • If you just want a little callus removal and feet that smell great, I love Freeman Peppermint & Plum Pumice Foot Scrub ($4). I've been using this stuff since I was like 6, and it never ceases to delight. The pumice will get your soles softened up, the peppermint tingle keeps your feet feeling cool, and the plum makes them smell sweet all day.

Source: Flickr User luca donnini