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How Goats Climb Trees and Help Produce Argan Oil

How Goats (and Their Poo) Made Argan Oil Big

Argan oil is one of the more buzzed-about ingredients in beauty, thanks to its benefits for hair and skin (and a slew of cult-fave products that include the stuff). The oil comes from the nuts of argan trees, and humans aren't the only ones interested in getting a piece of the action. My friends Todd and Lisa ran across these hungry tree-climbing goats while honeymooning in Morocco.

Oddly enough, the animals are actually an important part of the oil-making process. The nuts are incredibly difficult to crack open, so enterprising people poked through goat poop to pick out the valuable argan nuts. Through the magic of goat digestion, the shells of the nuts became easier to open, and processing went from there. These days, most of the argan oil used in cosmetics is harvested without the help of goats, but in some places, the traditional goat-poo process is still in place. Now you know.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Whiteman

Beauty Beauty 7 years
Baby Girl, I thought of that coffee too. But if you're using argan oil in cosmetics, there's only a VERY, very tiny chance it was processed in the traditional way. Like, miniscule. I wouldn't worry about it. :) I didn't know that goats had a four-chamber stomach, Renees3 -- thanks! Knew they ate crazy stuff but was unaware of how they did it.
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
Goats have a four chamber stomach, they're made to be able to digest very thoroughly to get all the nutrients out that they can out of not highly nutritious food.
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 7 years
OMG it's like Kopi Luwak coffee! And I'm putting it on my hair and skin. Priceless!
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