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“Eco-friendly” and “energy-efficient” aren’t just marketing labels, they’re a way of life. This Earth Month 2009, Electrolux is celebrating its company-wide Green Spirit Initiative, because less energy and water usage means a healthier, happier planet. With a variety of premium, energy-efficient appliances it’s easy for you to live an eco-chic life. So, just how eco-chic are you? Take this quiz to find out.

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True or False: It’s easy to find appliances on the market today that are energy efficient.

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Yes or No: Does the placement of your appliances affect energy-efficiency?

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True or False: Eco-friendly cooking requires way more thought than just choosing organic and locally harvested products.

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Which wash cycle is better for your clothing and the environment?

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Yes or No: Is washing dishes by hand more environmentally friendly than using a dishwasher?

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