Stylist Sarah Garrity of Remedy Salon is ultracool. She has a great mix of that edgy rocker-chic look, but she also has a sweet, approachable vibe. Last year, she shared with me her hair-washing tips, and now she has advice on how to grow your hair out. We all know how awkward it can be, especially when it starts doing unwanted flippage at a certain length. Ugh, do you sense my pain? I've shared with you my tips on growing out bangs, and you've even given me some inspiration for doing the old grow-out routine through means of cute headbands. And now, here are Garrity's tips:

  1. Bobby pins: Sometimes you just have to suck it up and pin your hair back to get it to behave through some gawky moments. Sarah recommends bobby pins for control. Try plain old Scunci Bobby Pins ($3) or these Forever 21 Sweetheart bobby pins for some extra style.
  2. When blow-drying hair: Blow back and forth against neck — but not all willy-nilly. Use the natural curve of the head as your guide, shaping your hair flat against your nape to prevent it from flipping. This method also works well on bangs, except follow your forehead shape for similar results. Find more blowout techniques, look here.
  3. Wear lipstick!: Take attention away from a hair disaster by flaunting a bright lipstick — with a smile, of course.
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