Can we be frank? Hickeys are the worst. Nothing says, "I am wholly uninterested in looking like a classy dame" than a big ol' bruise on the neck. If you've been attacked by a love-bite monster, talk with your darling vacuum-lips about being gentle next time, and then follow my advice for hiding the evidence. I've already got you covered from the makeup perspective, but for a few other tips, just keep reading.

  • Just chill: Apply a cold compress to the affected area as soon as possible, which will help reduce bruising and swelling. You can also freeze a spoon for about five to 10 minutes and press directly onto the hickey, repeating the process as needed.
  • You're hot: After about two days, if the hickey is still visible, apply a warm compress to the area. This will help to smooth out the skin and draw new blood into the discolored area.
  • Natural route: Try arnica, which helps to alleviate bruising by stimulating circulation.
  • Raid the junk drawer: Folk remedies suggest using a comb, toothbrush, or coin to break up the clotting, but are these methods merely urban legends? If you've ever tried any of them, I'm curious to know about the outcome.
  • Master of disguise: When all else fails, you can always go the route of wearing a turtleneck or scarf, when truly desperate, you can just lie and say you had an accidental run-in with your curling iron. Hey, it could work.