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7 Easy Ways to Hide Your Roots

Jun 3 2013 - 3:44pm

Whether you have highlights or full-on hair color, visible roots are a pain, but we have some tips to hide your regrowth and extend the life of your color before your next visit to the salon. From styling tricks to products that disguise your color, you can hold off booking your color appointment a little longer.

Source: IMAXtree [1]

1. Hair Makeup

The Color Wow Root Cover Up [2] ($35) looks like a makeup palette, but it's actually colored powder specially formulated to disguise your darkened (or lighter) roots. The powders adhere to dry hair to disguise regrowth.

Available in four shades: blonde, light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. Think of it like concealer for your hair.

2. Change Up Your Part

Wearing your hair parted in the same place can flatten your hair and make darkened roots more pronounced. Try changing it up with a messier part on another area of your head to help lessen the severity of grown-in roots.

3. Colored Spray

There's colored dry shampoo, and then there's Rita Hazan Root Concealer [3] ($25). This aerosol spray deposits fast-drying pigment to your roots in five different shades, and it's water- and sweat-resistant, so you don't have to worry about the color transferring or coming off until you shampoo your hair.

4. Braids

If you can french braid your hair, try a hairline braid that can help camouflage your regrowth. If your hair is long enough, milkmaid braids are another great option for hiding your roots.

5. Hair Marker

If you ever thought about using a Sharpie on your roots, then the ColorMark Touchback [4] ($30) was designed for you. The marker comes with real temporary hair dye in eight different shades and a comb to shield the skin around your hairline from the dye. Made to be applied on dry hair, concealing your roots just became as easy as coloring inside the lines.

6. A Headband

A quick way to cover your roots is to throw on a chic headband, turban, or scarf.

7. DIY Your Own Roots

Coloring your own roots is pretty easy to do, and you can find at-home kits at your local drugstore. From Clairol's Root Touch-Up [5] ($7) to L'Oréal's Root Rescue [6] ($7), there's an affordable and fast option waiting for you in the beauty aisle.

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