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How to Highlight Your Hair

5 Tricks For Getting Great Highlights at Home

Don't consider yourself craven if the idea of highlighting at home is daunting. There's a lot to take into consideration, and coloring yourself can be scary. Thing is, though, highlighting at home isn't hard, it saves you tons of money, and it gives you a lot more control over the size and placement of your streaks. To help you get great results, colorist Kelly Van Gogh has tips for getting gorgeous color on your own. Just keep reading.

  • Get a buddy to help you. "A friend can provide an extra pair of hands to simplify the process, especially in the back of your hair," Kelly says.
  • Go with your haircut's shape. Kelly says, "A rule of thumb is that the highlighting techniques should be used to complement the cut and not the other way around. A woman with a face-framing style should wear highlights that brighten the face while gently balancing out her hair style."
  • Big, chunky highlights might seem easiest, but the results may be too dramatic. Start small and thin. Less is best.
  • Don't accidentally highlight the hair around your streaks. Kelly suggests you "hold the strand of hair away from the head when applying lightener to keep it on the strands you want and not on the ones you don't."
  • If it makes it easier, use a tool like a toothbrush, or just do it with your fingers. Kelly says, "I think using any tool that will help you achieve great results is fantastic. Using the forefinger and the thumb to finger-paint strands is also a great way to apply free-form, sunkissed highlights."
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