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How Hyperpigmentation Happens

How Hyperpigmentation Happens Where You Least Expect It

Hyperpigmentation is a significant issue for most people as they age, but when it comes to preventing or minimizing it, wearing sunblock when you're out on the beach isn't a cure-all. In fact, according to Belle Visage's Tina Keshishian, a celebrity facialist who works with Kirsten Dunst, many people are consistently exposing themselves to damaging rays without even realizing it. Tina says that the person most likely to get hyperpigmentation is typically someone who is driving in a car without sunblock. "Sun worshipers today wear sunblock; it's the ones who think they're not getting sun that get discolored." To find out how to prevent and treat this type of damage, keep reading.

  • To prevent: Apply sunblock every two hours. "Remember that sunblock is inactive after two to three hours," says Tina. "Also, another great way [to prevent damage] is to carry mineral makeup that has a SPF in it. Apply on your face and neck, and don't forget your chest," she adds.
  • If you already have hyperpigmentation: There are a lot of ways to fade and minimize pre-existing hyperpigmentation. Tina advises that "if you're not pregnant, I'd suggest a treatment cream that has hydroquinone and retinol in it. Once the discoloration breaks down, switch to products that are natural so you can maintain smooth skin without chemical concerns." She recommends Pigment Relief from Ayur Medic or White Lightening by IS Clinical. Tina also suggests photo facials every six weeks for maintenance.
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