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Oh, the places you go, the people you see, the notebook you carry . . . Notebooks are quickly becoming a fashion statement, and HP wants to help you make the right statement by giving away THREE notebooks (pause for excitement).

The new collection of HP notebooks powered by the Intel® Core™i5 processor, with the ability to boost speed as needed for demanding tasks, has everything you need for a stylish life on the move. The HP mini's great looks powered by an Intel® Atom™ processor make your fashion statement the smartest thing you're wearing.

So, how important is notebook style to you? Take our poll below and be automatically entered to win. That easy!

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Jsy-Grl Jsy-Grl 6 years
I love when my gadgets fit my lifestyle on the inside and out, which means I usually buy skins to create custom looks that are as unique as I am!
macaronibirds macaronibirds 6 years
Super important: like all accessories. Because my shoes match my eyes, my eyes match my purse, and my notebook matches it all.
turtlemoo turtlemoo 6 years
My notebook style really isn't that important, although if I had to choose between a stylish notebook and an ugly one with the same specs, I would choose the stylish one.
LuckyDDouglas LuckyDDouglas 6 years
Actually, quality, speed, and durability are a whole lot more important than style. Fortunately, HP does it all rather nicely. Thank you for offering this great sweepstakes with these fantastic prizes.
Schlauberger Schlauberger 6 years
lol, Birkenstocks are my favorite...
norcalgal norcalgal 6 years
Number one in importance is reliability. Who needs to be worrying about crashes? Style is a great bonus! After all, I spend half my day looking at my computer.
HelloChris HelloChris 6 years
I just care that it WORKS!
KathleenOH1 KathleenOH1 6 years
It looks really cool when your notebook matches your style.
TheWORstFan TheWORstFan 6 years
My notebook has that awful Vista. I need a new one.
lassie lassie 6 years
This is just what I need at my house. George Ferris
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