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5 Tips For Keeping Your Hair Safe From Rainy Weather

Spring is a time for sunshine and bright skies, but it's also a time where seasonal storms can wreak havoc on your hair. Between the increasing warmth in the atmosphere, the humidity, and wind, stormy weather is definitely more fun to look at than it is to go out in. If you do need to leave the house, though, there are some uncomplicated ways to keep you from winding up with a bird's nest on top of your head. To find out how, just read on.

  1. Don't dry your hair all the way, and use a gel. Keeping your hair damp and then coating it in a managing product keeps water molecules from puffing up your hair the minute you walk outside. If you have fine, straight hair, though, this might not work as well for you, since flatness is already an issue.
  2. Use plenty of hairspray. Hairspray coats your hair and holds it in place, so excess moisture won't penetrate the cuticles causing your hair to fall flat.
  3. Wear a rain bonnet. An umbrella may keep you reasonably dry, but to keep your hair truly out of the wet, an old-fashioned plastic rain bonnet is the way to go.
  4. Use dehumidifying spray. An antifrizz spray is a real help for people who are constantly battling overly poofy hair, as it acts a barrier between your hair and the surrounding moisture in the air.
  5. Braid it. Braiding is one of the easiest ways to keep frizzy hair under control. Plus, it's a look that holds better in rainy wind than most other types of styles.
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Susan15068900 Susan15068900 3 years
Hate it when my hair gets wet if my coat doesn't have a hood! Found this cool little vest with a hood attached you can wear under any coat. It's called Hood To Go. Has saved my hair from disaster many times. Looks way better than the old fashioned plastic rain hat
Assistant-Community-Manager Assistant-Community-Manager 5 years
These are great tips and will be useful year round in SF!
Susan-Yara Susan-Yara 6 years
Good tips! I just throw my hair in a's too much trouble to deal with on rainy days.
Nikki-Diamonds Nikki-Diamonds 6 years
Definitely good tips.. Make up and fashion tutorials
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