Oh, chapped lips. They're one of those unpleasant hallmarks of a Winter spent moving between the outdoors and the interior. And even if you never go outside, all the dry, centrally heated air is likely to give you a sore pucker anyway. To help gird you against the forces of chap, I've assembled five smart tricks to keep your lips moist and utterly kissable, no matter how crazy the atmospheric conditions get. To find out what to do, just read more.

  • Skip the lip liner and layer gloss under your lipstick. Even moisturizing lipsticks can dry your lips out, so putting a moisture-rich gloss underneath can afford you some protection.
  • Wear lip balm to bed. The air in your room is probably dry from the artificial heat, so moisturizing your lips as you sleep can be a big help.
  • Exfoliate your lips by scrubbing them gently with your toothbrush each morning.
  • Keep the area around your mouth moisturized. If the skin surrounding your lips gets dried out, it will affect the look and comfort of your lips as well, so use a little eye cream or heavy moisturizer to rim your cupid's bow.
  • Avoid balms with menthol in them. It feels cooling and soothing, but it also dries your lips out, leaving you more chapped than before and needing to reapply.