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I recently experienced a bout of seriously dry skin after flying to a much drier and cooler climate. And, although I'm mentally prepared for this to happen every time I fly home for the holidays, I'm never quite comfortable with the resurgence of my new, dry face. In fact, it's pretty uncomfortable (read: tight, itchy — not ideal).

Whether a temporary or long-term concern, dryness (caused by lack of oil) or dehydration (caused by lack of water) can be a real pain, particularly if you're trying to rehydrate on top of other, more aesthetically pressing skin concerns or if flaky skin isn't your MO.

While trying to resolve my desert-skin experience, I came across a straightforward formula that really is like a tall glass of water for your face. The best part? It doesn't involve buying new products or have so many steps that you need a YouTube tutorial to follow along. It's a simple, straightforward layering formula. Enter: the skincare sandwich. And no, despite the name, it doesn't involve any carbs (unless you want it to).

Enter: the skincare sandwich. And no, despite the name, it doesn't involve any carbs (unless you want it to).

Tokened by Caroline Hirons (who, if you don't know, is one of the best in the skincare blogging biz), the "skincare sandwich" is essentially just a digestible way of understanding how to layer your products for optimal hydration.

According to Caroline, you should think of your hydrating toner or mist as the "condiment in your sandwich." She goes on to explain, "You can make a sandwich using just bread and ham/cheese — but how much better does this sandwich work with butter/mayo? It all binds together and facilitates this process."

So, following Caroline's hydrating routine, you'd cleanse (this is your sourdough), acid exfoliate, spray hydrating mist (this is the butter, people!), apply your oil or serum, mist (again!), and then finally moisturize. And, if you're one of those people who asks for extra mayo on your bread, you can also follow up with a final mist if you please.

Layering your products in this way adds additional moisture between each step, helping to lock in hydration and, at the very least, help relieve some of that thirsty-skin feeling.

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