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How to Look Good the Morning After a One-Night Stand

One-Night Stand Beauty Tips to Get You Through the Morning After

Whether it's a one-night stand, you've crashed on your friend's sofa, or you're involved in a friends-with-benefits-type situation, sometimes we're all caught unprepared. And this isn't in the birth control or condoms sense (as could be the case in each of these scenarios); this is about not having beauty basics on your person the morning after.

So what's a girl to do when all she has in her purse is just an ID, cash, lipstick, and a phone? The answer is to MacGyver it. While you can start by doing the old lipstick-as-a-blush trick to get you started, if it's a guy you've shacked up with, chances are he doesn't have a flat iron lying around or a well-stocked supply of the fancy under-eye cream available. So to get tips for making your walk of shame all the more bearable, just read more.

Does he (or she) have. . .

  • Paper towels?: Create a "toothbrush" by folding and wrapping a paper towel around the pointer finger. Lightly dampen the towel, squeeze some toothpaste on to it, and cleanse those teeth. Bonus? Paper towels can also be used as makeup-removing "cotton squares."
  • Baking soda?: Use this kitchen staple on the roots of the hair to quell oiliness, under the armpits as a deodorant/antiperspirant, or even on the teeth as a make-do-with-it cleanser and breath freshener. Alternative: use baby powder instead, except not on the teeth. Ew.
  • An aloe plant?: Hey, it could happen. Use aloe to fight frizz, or lightly dab on the face as a moisturizer.
  • Hydrogen peroxide?: Dilute with water to make mouthwash, apply to a paper towel and rub on the armpits to help reduce odor, or mix with baking soda to create a basic toothpaste.
  • Q-tips?: Bring your smudged eye makeup back to life by redistributing it with a Q-tip dipped in water.
  • Vaseline, olive oil, or body lotion?: Use any of these multitaskers to tame eyebrows, reduce frizz, add shine to the hair, and remove stubborn eye makeup. Tip: Vaseline can also be used to add volume and glossiness to the lashes.
  • Hair products?: If the hair is extremely unruly, start by borrowing a comb to remove tangles. Then, lightly dampen your strands and apply product where needed to reshape the hair. Bonus points if there's a hair dryer, as you can lift hair at the roots to create volume, all while coercing stubborn pieces back into place. Tip: you can always use the comb on dry hair to tease and sculpt it into a style, followed up with product to set.
  • Dental floss or a rubber band?: While not ideal, use dental floss or a rubber band as a ponytail holder or as a means to secure a cute braid.
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