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How to Look Like Uhura on Star Trek

Gorgeously Retro: How to Look Like Uhura on Star Trek

Though Zoe Saldana made a gorgeous Uhura in the latest Star Trek retread, there's really no replacing the original. Not only is Nichelle Nichols stunning, but her role was a huge barrier-breaker for African-American actresses, and she totally hooked it up with Captain Kirk (under alien mind control, of course). Her look never ceases to be foxy, either, and it's as perfect for Fall 2009 as it was for 1967 — in fact, designers stole a lot of this look for their collections this season. To find out how to get Uhura's intergalactic swingin' 60s look, just keep reading.

  • For lips, you're gonna need a creamy, matte nude — which happens to be totally in this season. In the widget below, I've put together a ton of different nudes designed for different skin tones for reference. Alternately, go over your entire mouth with a nude lip liner, and then top it off with a light layer of lip balm (not gloss) to soften the look.
  • For the eyes, you'll need black mascara, liquid liner, and a fawn eye shadow. Start out with several coats of mascara on your top lashes, and a coat on your bottom ones, then create a heavy line on your upper lid with the liner, dragging it up and out at the edge of your eye instead of flush with it the way you'd do a typical cat eye. Dust your inner eyes with the taupe (see a range of shades in the widget below), then take the shadow from your crease down to the edge of your eyeliner. For a really trendy update on this look, try subbing navy liner for black — it looks great with the fawn, and it's really hot for this season.

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