With warm weather just around the corner, perhaps you're thinking about laying off the foundation to let your skin shine through. So, how can you make your complexion look nice and even — without a cakey effect — while allowing your natural skin to peep through? It's all about formulation and technique, my friend. Find out my tips on achieving a sheer finish when you


  1. Sheer genius: It might seem obvious, but try a sheer finish foundation. If you're in the market for a new one, try Jemma Kidd Light-as-Air Liquid Foundation ($40) or Mark C-Thru-U Beautifying Sheer Tint ($8).
  2. Brush it on: In a technique straight from Kristen Stewart's makeup artist, apply foundation with a brush for a softer effect. Monika Blunder, who did Kristen's Twilight premiere makeup, used
    Dior Airflash Spray Makeup ($60) with a brush.
  3. Thin it out: Do the old standby trick of diluting your foundation by mixing it with moisturizer to create your own sheer, tinted moisturizer.
  4. Water it down: Spritz a makeup applicator wedge (the sponge kind) with water or toner, then use it to apply your foundation. This gives a lighter application, and refreshes the face, too.
  5. Make a mist: Apply makeup as you normally would. Next, spritz a makeup applicator wedge with water or a toner, and lightly dab all over the face. This helps soften the appearance of your makeup, and is great for fixing mistakes.
  6. Apply only where needed: Simply use concealer or foundation only where needed, as opposed to all over the face.
  7. Tinted primer: For minimal coverage with a natural, smooth looking finish, you can always go with a tinted primer, such as Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer ($23).