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How to Make High Heels More Comfortable

5 Ways to Save Your Feet From Holiday Heels

Ah, holiday high heels, the most seductive and excruciatingly painful shoes you'll wear all year. Many a brave woman has spent four hours at the office holiday party trying desperately to stand in some only semi-painful position, blinking back tears through sheer strength of will and a conviction that her butt and legs look fierce. This year, though, you don't have to be that girl who's too distracted by her blisters to work it. I've put together five ways to blister and pain-proof your feet before you go out, so no matter how unnatural the angle your foot is pitched at, you can glide around as comfortably armored as a Sherman tank. Just read more.

  • Keep your toenails clipped short and filed round at the edges. Long toenails can catch on sharply-angled toe boxes, crack from awkward pressure, and cut into your toes. Rounding nails prevents snags and accidentally impaling your other toes.
  • Put band-aids in the backs of your heels before you put them on. Better to act preemptively just in case than to end up with painful blisters.
  • Use a callus scraper, like this Heel to Toe Callus Shaver ($4) on the outside of your big toe. The callus pressing on the shoe puts pressure on your metatarsals, temporarily deforming your toe and straining the rest of your foot.
  • If there are areas on your foot you know are going to rub, coat them with an anti-rubbing agent, like Bodyglide Anti-Chafing Stick ($13) or Band-Aid Active Friction Block Stick ($7.50).
  • Try the shoes on and walk around in them for 10 minutes, observing how your feet move in them. Then, cover sensitive areas, gaps, or spots where your feet slid in thin moleskin, like this Velvetex ($4) to protect them and keep your feet stable.

Or, of course, you could just wear flats.

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