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How To Make a Homemade Solid Perfume

Make Your Own Solid Perfume — It's Easier Than You'd Think

If you have sensitive skin or just can't find any fragrance you love in stores, then why not make your own signature scent with natural ingredients? In her book Scents & Sensibilities: Creating Solid Perfumes for Well-Being ($5), Mandy Aftel provides a recipe for creating your own solid perfume. While the talented perfume maker sells a variety of scented solids on her website, you can create these thoughtful and easy gifts for your friends and loved ones on your own. Learn how to make these customized compacts when you read more.

The Steps:

  • In a beaker or small bowl, combine 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil with 20 drops of essential oil. Example: 7 drops of ylang ylang and 13 drops of grapefruit (see more of Aftel's combos below). She recommends Whole Foods or your local health food store as a go-to place for inexpensive oils.
  • Melt 1/2 teaspoon of grated beeswax over heat.
  • Mix oils and wax together, then pour into a small container. Aftel recommends using antique cases, small tins, or lip balm jars — basically anything that closes with a latch, is not too deep, and is rounded in shape. Your solid will set in about 10 minutes.

Other Scent Combinations to Try:

  • Clary sage and rosewood
  • Patchouli with either rose, ylang ylang, or frankincense
  • Plain vanilla extract will work too — imitation not allowed
Source: Flickr users mommyknows, Dan Zen, and wallygrom
Join The Conversation
Mariannie Mariannie 8 years
MZIZI17 MZIZI17 8 years
For those wondering where to find bees wax.............any craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Michael's carry it as well as finding it, usually at a better price, try online searches or eBay. I have had great luck finding ingredients for the lotion bars I make online and eBay. Can't wait to try the solid perfumes!
sugar_me_sweet sugar_me_sweet 8 years
this is such a cool idea.
delkiteflwr delkiteflwr 8 years
i tried this with soy wax. the 1:2 ratio of wax to oil doesnt work too well. it turned out very soft instead of a solid. Oh and the twist up lip balm idea- i did try it, but the melted wax leaked out the bottom! i will have to try out new combo! in addition, i went to to purchase cute little heart-shaped containers. they also have oils and beeswax!
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 8 years
thanks mn! i've been looking around for pots to put it in around here. i like the twist up lip balm container idea.
Sexy-Queen Sexy-Queen 8 years
This is cool...finding beeswax might be an issue though.
LexzCW LexzCW 8 years
I think it would be neat to use twist up lip balm containers for this, so you can swipe it on without using your fingers!
spirit35 spirit35 8 years
this is an amazing idea,I will definitley try this since most perfumes mess with my sinuses.
mnp mnp 8 years can find oils already blended online if you google "fragrance oils". This also leads can probably find an oil of any perfume you want online. I think this is a neat idea.
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 8 years
oOh. this sounds fun! where can you get beeswax? how will i pick an oil combo? theres so many i love. defintely bookmarking...
beautyholics beautyholics 8 years
Great idea, but a question - how long can I keep this for? When do you reckon it will expire?
delkiteflwr delkiteflwr 8 years
i wonder if i could use soy wax instead of beeswax... anyone know?
mrs-sonshine mrs-sonshine 8 years
Totally want to try this!
emalove emalove 8 years
I don't think I have the ambition to do this, LOL. But it sounds neat.
loopymoi loopymoi 8 years
That is such a great gift idea. I'll probably bookmark this for reference later.
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 8 years
OMG this is an amazing idea!! I think I'm going to do this for stocking-stuffers this year!
doogirl doogirl 8 years
I love this idea! I think I'll bookmark it and keep it for next year!
RobyTose RobyTose 8 years
I'm thinking this would be a good use for my used BE containers! Yay! I'll be incorporating the jojoba oil into the soaps that I make every holiday as well!
Beauty Beauty 8 years
I absolutely love this idea!!
otaku otaku 8 years
that is really a brilliant idea! love it. ^____^
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
I think I'd try it but I would have to make sure I have a good container for it.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
That's kind of neat! But I don't really use bars anymore, usually just by liquid.
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