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How to Make Nail Polish Dry Faster 2011-07-24 07:12:00

How to Make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster in the Summer Heat

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to try out that electric blue (or orange, or purple) shade you've always wanted to wear, but it's also a time where the heat and humidity change the drying time of your manicure. While the brand of polish and technique used affects how your polish will set, there are a few things you can do to prevent the tackiness and stickiness that often comes along with summertime weather. Find these tips when you read more.

  • Out with the old: As polish ages, it tends to get gooey, making drying time longer. So in lieu of grabbing that lacquer that's been lying around in your drawer for ages, properly dispose of it and move on to something new.
  • Control your climate: It likely goes without saying, but if you can avoid painting your nails in a place that's hot and/or humid, you'll get better results. Hello, air conditioning.
  • Thickness matters: The more layers of polish you have on, the longer your drying time will be. When painting on your a base, main, and top coats, use smooth, thin, and even coats, swiping the polish on in three strokes. And make sure each layer is completely dry before moving on to the next.
  • Speaking of those coats: For even faster drying time, consider using a quick-dry polish as your main coat, a fast-drying top coat, or a polish that's formulated so that only one coat is necessary, like Rimmel's multitasking 60 Seconds polish ($3 to $4).
  • Alternative fast-drying products: Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Speed Dry Drops ($6) and Sephora by OPI's quick dry spray ($12) both help nails set more quickly, too.
  • I'm a huge fan: Speed things up even more with a nail dryer, like this model from Belson Profiles ($33). Tip: along the same lines, you can use the cool-blast setting on your hair dryer to dry nails. Just take caution to prevent bubbling from occurring as a result of the high-speed air flow.
  • Put it on ice: Another option is to leave your nails to air-dry for a few minutes and then dip them in an ice bath. The cold water helps harden polish by freeze-drying it.

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