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The Perfect Ponytail Made Easy

Apr 25 2012 - 3:05am

Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock fame recently got engaged (congratulations!), and for her engagement party, she wore this super pretty, super easy ponytail. Her stylists for the soiree, Matrix artistic directors Ammon Carver and Nick Stenson, were behind-the-scenes to create the flirty style, which would look just as fresh and fun at any celebratory event (read: wedding [1], garden party, on a boat, etc.). So take a look to see Katrina's coiffure come together, and get inspired by an old classic.

Photo courtesy of Matrix [2]

1. Prep

Prep with Design Pulse Go Big Mousse on damp hair, and then blow-dry smooth. Once your hair is dry, wrap sections of hair around a medium-sized curling iron, alternating the direction of the curl. Don't curl the entire length of your hair, though; leave the ends straight.

For added shine and sleekness, apply Total Results Sleek Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil to each section before wrapping on the iron. Gently loosen up the curls with your hands, and finish the look with a volumizing hair spray.

Photo courtesy of Matrix [3]

2. Pony Up

Back brush a few sections at your hairline, and then gently sweep all your hair back into a midheight ponytail. Don't pull it back tightly on top, though. Instead, leave plenty of volume for pretty movement and height.

Photo courtesy of Matrix [4]

3. All Done!

Apply the same smoothing oil from step one onto your fingertips and take a small piece of hair from the ponytail. Wrap it around the rubber band for a perfectly polished finish.

Photo courtesy of Matrix [5]

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