It seems like every mousse, foundation, moisturizer, and exfoliator instructs you to use one of three amounts: a pea-size amount, a dime/quarter-size amount, or a golf ball-size amount. But with these products, especially when you're talking about hair care, it seems like these standard portion amounts leave a lot to be desired. Can all of these things really require the exact same amount of product? And what about someone with a bob versus someone with waist-length hair? To find out how to use product portions in the right amount for you, just keep reading.
In cases like these, it's best to remember that the recommendations on packaging are usually for the maximum amount that would be necessary, so instead of doubling up on mousse if your hair is long, you should be halving it if it's short. When it comes to skin care, never use more than your skin can absorb quickly and easily. As little as possible is best, usually about as much as will fit on the tip of your index finger. If you didn't use enough, you can always put on a little more, but too much can clog your pores. Most importantly, though, you should be finding the amount that works for you, not what's on the package. So experiment — start out using much less than you think you need, and then work your way up until you get the results you want.