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How to Organize Makeup

Organizing Options: Put Your Makeup in Its Place

Makeup is one of those things that gets away from you. One minute, you're lamenting the fact that you don't have any good eyeliner, and the next time you turn around, they're multiplying like tribbles. That's why you need a good organizer. To find the right kind for your style and needs, I've got some tips on what to look for. So to find out how to get — and keep — your makeup all neat and easily reachable, just keep reading.

  • Think about how much of each kind of makeup you own. If you have lots of brushes, or you're an eyeliner and mascara fiend, an upright organizer box will maximize your counter space.
  • If you're eye shadow or blush obsessed, a hanging organizer will allow you to see all your colors and will lie flat, taking up the minimum amount of space.
  • Consider how much of your makeup you haul along with you. If you'd be shuffling stuff in and out of bags constantly because you bring an armada of product out, a multi-bag organizing system that will allow you to take more or less stuff without moving your stash might be best for you.
  • Do you apply at home, or on the run? If you keep all your stuff in your bathroom 24/7, a counter console is an elegant and smart solution. If you end up applying at work or travel a lot, a roll-up organizer or a train case may be better for you.
  • If you lose stuff in dark corners of your makeup bags, an organizer with mesh or clear plastic pockets is a must.
  • When it comes to makeup bags, organizers with pockets and holders are far superior to those without — even if the ones that don't have them are larger.
  • Check out the cute examples of different organizing options below to see what works and what's out there!

Join The Conversation
Sherrilee Sherrilee 7 years
I use tool boxes for everything, makeup sewing needs, and jewelry. They are handy.
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
I need a new makeup case since the one I have is crammed with makeup.
Torance Torance 7 years
I do my makeup in my room, because I have a giant window to use for natural light. Right now I use sterilite drawers. It has three drawers, I use one for face and cheeck products, and one for eyes and lips. The bottom is just for eyeshade palettes since I have a lot of those. When I get a new apartment, I might try some of your tips!
kmbieker kmbieker 7 years
For my make up drawer, I bought a desk drawer organizer at Staples for like $10 for 2. It fits perfectly in the drawer and now I have an extra for when I convince my boyfriend that I should take over the other drawer as well :)
marmain marmain 7 years
I use a tackle box as well. I got mine at Walmart for cheap. I keep my brushes in a rollup organizer in the bottom bin. The box lives in my bedroom and just travels to the bathroom since I have NO counterspace in there. I also keep a small makeup bag in my purse with just a nail file, tweezers, a powder compact and a couple shades of lipstick/lipgloss for daily use. For quick overnight trips, I pack my makeup/toiletries in a medium (plastic) makeup bag, for longer trips (I tend to drive when I travel, rather than fly) I will take the whole box and fill the makeup bag with toiletries.
pharm_chick pharm_chick 7 years
Sasseefrass thats a great idea!!! and so much better them spendng $95 on one! i wonder where you would find a fishermans tackle box... at home depot or something?
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Clever, Sasseefrass!
Sasseefrass Sasseefrass 7 years
It's not as sophisticated as the made-for-that purpose options, but I keep my makeup in a fisherman's tackle box. I bought it new for under $15 and it keeps everything right where it need it.
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