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How to Organize Your Makeup, Hair, and Beauty Products 2011-04-18 03:05:45

How to Organize Your Beauty Products

It’s hard to keep track of every lipstick, gloss, and eye shadow you own, especially if your beauty products aren’t organized. That’s why we enlisted the help of Beth Zeigler, founder of Bneato Professional Organizing, to give us some quick and easy tips to clean out and straighten up our bathroom cabinets and drawers. Check out her tips, and let us know what you think.

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geri9254 geri9254 5 years
I purchased sherbert colored flowered pots with matching saucers to hold my makeup brushes, lipsticks, and accessories (tweezers, nail clippers, eyelash curler...) and have them on my bathroom counter.  Not only do they keep everything organized, I also have a year round hint of spring around my sink.  Another medicine cabinet  storage favorite of mine is using souvenir coffee mugs for small tubes such as antibiotic cream and the like.  They are a frequent reminder of places visited and always bring pleasant thoughts!
davidahallstyle davidahallstyle 6 years
You can find the small clear containers at The Container Store
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
Ariel, you are way organized.
arielauthentic arielauthentic 6 years
Oh wow, I must be conservative! I have one makeup bag for the liners, shadows, pencils and brow/lash sculpting, one set of Quo brushes that are in their own case and fit in that bag, and a Quo shadow/lip gloss/blush cube. Those two containers take care of home usage. I have nothing to pack when I travel. I just take my two containers. :) I have a little bag for my purse to take refreshing products with me and the contents change daily depending on what I wore that day.
GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
I need to implement this soon.
cara-s cara-s 6 years
Beth, you are a genius! Need clear containers: STAT! Now, I'm looking at all my makeup and thinking wow how did I live in this organized chaos?!
redlippedlover redlippedlover 6 years
okay, great tips, but... there is no WAY i would be able to fit all my makeup in the medicine cabinet hahaha xP id probably be able to fit... my foundations alone in there, but that's it lol >.< so bad. MAKEUP JUNKIE FOREVER<3
Susan-Yara Susan-Yara 6 years
Yup! @Imwvandygirl is correct! These are Linus Drawer Organizers. We got everything from The Container Store because that's Beth's go-to place to get containers. But we also used old mason jars and other containers that we had sitting around the house too.
lmwvandygirl lmwvandygirl 6 years
Re: Anonymous (above) They look like the Linus Drawer Organizers--- awesome but a little pricey-- that can be purchased at any big organization store (, The Container Store, etc)
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