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5 Ways to Keep Holiday Stress From Ruining Your Skin

We're coming upon the eleventh hour of the holidays, and though the next week is sure to have plenty of joyous moments, it can also certainly wreak havoc on your skin, not to mention your mental health. Whether you're stressing about your travel plans, that New Year's party, or just getting the whole family to act sane for a couple of days, it's hard to avoid feeling the heat a little right now. To keep things from snowballing into a big, miserable, stress-related breakout, I've got a few tips to keep your face looking fresh no matter what situation you're in. To find out what to do, just take a deep breath and read more.


  • When your uncle's chronic lateness and that wool sweater both start to chafe, drink a big glass of cold water. Cold water is absorbed by the body faster than beverages that are hot or room temperature, so your skin will get a rapid hydration boost.
  • While you're at it, take an anti-inflammatory, like aspirin or ibuprofen. Anti-inflammatories help keep irritated skin follicles from getting inflamed, so that a clogged pore doesn't turn into a big, red pustule.
  • If your skin is starting to get blotchy and unbalanced, try rinsing it with a vinegar dilution (two tablespoons vinegar to one cup water). Vinegar balances your skin's pH and clears off irritants without stripping  your natural oils, so it can help bring things back to normal if your skin is sensitized from stress.
  • Dance around a bunch. Or do some other physical activity that makes you get sweaty. Sweating helps keep your pores clear, and the rush of blood to your face increases circulation, which yields a host of skin benefits.
  • Pull your hair back. Normally, the oil from your hair strands or the residue from your shampoo might not bother your skin, but it's more sensitive when you're stressed. So plait it into pretty braids, pull it back into a ponytail, or create an elegant french twist; just keep it off your face.
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D-Lee D-Lee 7 years
These are great tips! Thnx Bella! :)
Deconstruction Deconstruction 7 years
Currently my biggest issue is the small irritations on my forehead resulting from needing to wear a hat all of the time.
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