Recently, I read an article about a woman who caused an inferno because she left her hot flat iron on the bed. Zoinks! How many times have you left the house, only to go into panic mode about that possibly still-plugged-on curling or flat iron sizzling away in the bathroom? It used to happen to me frequently. But no more!

Due to my worrywart nature, a relative shared a tip that I've used practically every time I bust out any kind of iron, whether for hair or clothing, and here it is: Once you unplug your iron, remember the image of the prongs coming out of the outlet, and say, "I'm unplugging this iron now." Then, just for extra insurance, carefully walk the iron to another location, all while saying to yourself, "I've unplugged this curling iron, and now I'm moving it to the dresser (or wherever)." Silly? Yes. Effective? You better believe it.