Earlier, we learned that nipple hair here and there is actually quite normal, but that doesn't mean we all want those errant hairs just hanging around. Just like upper lip hair and any other unwanted growth, lots of us choose to remove it for aesthetic reasons. To find out some tips on removing hair from this delicate area, read more.

  • Tweezing: Stray hair + tweezing = my favorite option. Bonus? It's very inexpensive. For a relatively pain-free experience, tweeze after showering since warm water will help to "open" the pores. Pull the hair straight out from the angle at which it grows to avoid breakage or ingrown hairs.
  • Bleaching: If hair removal isn't something you're after, bleaching it might be for you. However, keep in mind that the lighter your skin tone, the more that bleached hair will blend into the background.
  • Shaving: While it most certainly works, shaving obviously doesn't remove hair from the root, so the downside is that you'll have to do maintenance with greater frequency. Plus, if the hair is very dark and coarse, it could still be visible through the skin. However, shaving is still a cheap, fast, and easy option.
  • Laser removal: Laser hair removal may not be the quickest or cheapest way, but it's the closest thing you have to a permanent option. The good news? Most facilities charge by the area being treated, and since the nipple area is quite small, you won't be paying up the wazoo. Woohoo.