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How to Shape and Tweeze Your Eyebrows

How-To: Brow Shaping Easy as 1-2-3

After looking at some photos of myself circa 2000, it all came back to me. In the place where there were supposed to be two thick and shapely brows, there were two skinny and sparse remnants of hair. Just where did my naturally lovely eyebrows go? Well, my friend convinced me my eyebrows were too "bushy" and she attacked, tweezers in hand. I've never quite recovered from the trauma.

So, if you're in between waxing appointments or just want to keep things simple with some easy at-home maintenance, I've got a good way to shape them up, without cursing your friend out for the next year.

For the three-step process,


    Take an eyeliner pencil (or anything with a straight edge), and use it as your guide. Please, whatever you do, don't over-tweeze!

  • Step 1 — Where the brow should start: Line the pencil up parallel to the side of your nose, up to the inside of your eye. This is where the brow should start. If your eyebrow falls a little short, lightly draw in a line to fill in the missing hairs. If the brow is a little long, tweeze as needed.
  • Step 2 — Where the brow should stop: Angle the pencil from the base of your nostril up to the outermost edge of your eye. This is where your brow should end. If your eyebrow falls a little short, lightly draw in a line extending outward with a brow pencil in a complementary shade. If it's a little long, tweeze excess hair as needed.
  • Step 3 — Where the arch goes: Angle the pencil from the base of your nostril up to the outside edge of the iris (colored part) of your eye. This is where the highest part of your brow should be. Tweeze accordingly. Happy shaping!


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