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How to Style Asian Hair

How I Finally Got Beach Waves in My Silky Asian Hair

If you're a fellow Asian girl, then you know just how frustrating it can be to do anything with your hair, and I mean anything. Go ahead, bring on the chorus of "Girl, please." As a disclaimer, I'd like to acknowledge that shiny Asian hair can inspire envy, and I do appreciate every hair on my head. But you know what they say: "the grass is always greener on the other side." (In fact, I'm pretty sure that 99 percent of the time, that saying is used while venting frustrations over one's hair.)

Having said that, I'd like to address one specific and significant problem we do have. Asian hair is really slippery. While others may see our hair as sleek and glossy, we see it as impossible to work with. The overly smooth texture of our hair makes it extremely difficult to hold a style. Seriously, sometimes even a basic ponytail is a challenge. I have a laundry list of hairstyles that I would love to wear semiregularly, many of which I've tried and failed (miserably) to achieve and some that I won't even bother trying, knowing that the labor-intensive experience will just end with my hair down, flat, and completely unchanged. It's demoralizing, I tell you.

If having unmalleable hair has taught me anything, it's that I am undeterred by disappointment. Through continuous — and hopeless — experimentation, I've honed a surprisingly steely resolve that encourages me to keep attempting styles from my laundry list. Keep reading for what I've tried, along with the results, which you'll find start to sound redundant.

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