You've been getting your hair cut by the same stylist for years, and unfortunately, you're just not happy with the results anymore. You love the salon's atmosphere and location, the prices are right, and you can't help but notice the amazing cuts given by the stylist a few stations back. Earlier, I presented you with tips from Joydene L. Speyer's book, Dump 'Em: How to Break Up With Anyone From Your Best Friend to Your Hairdresser, who has advice on breaking up with your stylist, but what if you want to leave said stylist for someone else within the same salon? Awkward.

Speyer's advice is to schedule your first appointment with the new hairdresser on a day that your current hairdresser has the day off. If you end up sticking with the new stylist, Speyer recommends leaving a note on your former stylist's station, saying something like: "I stopped in and had my hair done by ____. Thanks for everything but I've decided to make the change for her." (Ouch.) Then, the next time you go in for an appointment, be sure to acknowledge your previous stylist in some way — even if it's just a wave — to avoid further uncomfortable moments. What do you think of Speyer's advice? Is it something you'd definitely follow or would you take a different approach?