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How to Tame Frizzy Hair 2009-11-20 07:00:30

Tame Your Frizz With Tips From John Frieda

Lack of body or too much frizz: "Most people fall into one [category] or the other," explains hair guru John Frieda. The solution? "A product and a technique," he says. In the 1970s and 1980s, when Frieda first started out, the majority of the products available were just for body and volume. If you had any issues with frizziness, as 60 percent of women do, you couldn't turn to your favorite anti-frizz serum or cream to quell the problem, as those types of products just didn't exist quite the way they do today. At least there was disco, right? Frieda, along with stylist Harry Josh, recently spoke on the stubborn issue of frizz. To find out how to prevent your hair from looking as if it's been hit by a Van de Graaff generator, keep reading.

  • Tackling Frizz: The goal? To turn even the curliest, unruliest locks from dry to soft, all while smoothing the cuticle — aka the scaly outer layer of the hair.
  • What to Avoid: Since frizzy hair is more porous and has a tendency to absorb whatever is put on it, don't use products that will give more body. Watch out for alcohol and sticky resins.
  • Sopping Wet: To start, hair should be completely saturated with water before any product is put on. "When the hair is soaking wet, the cuticle lays flat," says Frieda. This is the optimum time to apply an anti-frizz product, like John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Hair Serum ($9), which has been a best-seller since its launch nearly 20 years ago. "You must not towel-dry frizzy hair. [In doing so], you're actually making it frizz," he adds.
  • How Much Product: Josh recommends about a quarter-sized amount to start off with, although it all depends on the texture and amount of hair. "Start by using less," recommends Frieda. "If it feels too soft [when you're done], you’ve probably used too much," he says. "If it feels frizzy, it's probably not enough," he adds
  • How to Apply: Emulsify the anti-frizz product in your hands first to ensure equal distribution. Next, slowly press and squeeze into the hair. Hint: Since serums seal the cuticle and help it to stay flat, they should be the last products to go on. Otherwise, your other products won't be able to penetrate into the hair.
  • Finishing Off: Now that you're protected, you can blow-dry it (more tips on blow-drying to come), or you can let the hair dry naturally. Voilà! Frizz-free hair at last.
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