You're all set to buy a fabulous new foundation, so you should first test it out on the back of your wrist, right? Nope. Your hand? That won't work either. Since you'll be wearing the foundation on your face, after all, the best place to test is — well, your face. But, did you know you should test your on neck, too?

It might seem a little odd, I realize, but it's the best way to avoid a two-toned look that boldly announces to the world, "I'm wearing the wrong shade of foundation."

First, on makeup free skin, paint three different shades of foundation in vertical stripes from the bottom of the cheek, past the jawline, stopping at the upper portion of the neck. Next, check out the colors in natural light — go outside if needed. Which shade melts into your skin?

The one that fades away is a keeper, as it will flawlessly blend with the undertones of both your face and neck. Still no luck? Just keep testing, testing, testing until you discover the most soft, seamless effect. You'll be happy you made the effort.