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Spent a little too much time in the sun? If you're nursing a lobster-red sunburn, here's how to soothe your skin. Find out what to do — and get the scoop on the surprisingly cheap product that delivers relief. (No, it's not Rolaids.) Watch now!

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Beauty Beauty 7 years
My mom had me wearing sunscreen when I was young, and wearing it every day is just what I do. Years ago, my dad had to have a mole removed from his face -- and guess who never listened when my mom suggested putting on the SPF? Getting a burn happens sometimes, even when you try to avoid one. In the case of Belize, it was because the rays are insane and the sunblock I used wasn't waterproof for 40 minutes as it promised. I re-applied frequently and wore a long-sleeved shirt while on the boat. And STILL I got sunburned. So, you know, it happens.
Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
@Bella - Yep, it's not fun, but it sure felt good afterward...after my mom dragged me in there. I hate certain textures and that's one of them. @sldc - For some people, having vampire habits is an option. For others who have occupations that require long periods in the sun, it isn't and it's better to wear sunscreen. I'm a college student and can stay inside for long periods of time as well. However, when I have to go outside to walk my dog, go to college, et cetera, I do wear a full or nearly full UVA/UVB spectrum sunscreen. Trust me, I've seen what NOT wearing sunscreen can do, especially in hot, desert areas like Texas, Afghanistan and Kuwait. My dad has had dozens of moles removed from his back and neck from the lack of sunscreen provided over in the Gulf when he went over there in early 90s. Thankfully, none were cancerous but it made me aware of how important sunscreen is. If it's your option/prerogative to not wear sunscreen, that's your option/prerogative. For me, sunscreen without vitamin A (of which I'm incredibly sensitive or "allergic" to) is a must. I have too many risk factors to go without it.
sldc sldc 7 years
With all the preaching about sunscreen, how does anyone burn around here? I spend just enough time in the sun to get a light, light tan and vitamin D, occasionally wear sunBLOCK (unless I am going to spend an hour or more outdoors in our Texas sun) and I never burn like I used to when I relied on sunscreens. Getting out of the sun helps. For all the people who brag about their skin because they used sunscreen for years and years: you know you were getting more exposure to UVA than your skin would naturally have been able to get, right? And they just started the push for full spectrum here in recent years. A for aging and melanoma, right? I am type 2 that freckles and I have blue eyes (skin naturally the color of milk) and I dislike the premise behind chemical sunscreens and their blanket daily use for everyone. Research has indicated that not reapplying can release additional free radicals upon sun exposure, as well they contain chemicals that are still questionable. Fake tanning made me stink out all the time and avoid water. Also, 24 hours after DHA fake tanning, you are more susceptible to free radical damage than you would be normally, so sunblock becomes especially important. Now I just use a light coat now and then of more natural self-tanners and only if I know I won't be out in the sun. Moderation is a wonderful thing. I don't see how anyone can get burned unless you are on a deserted island. /rant over
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Definitely -- that's a good one. Cleanup, however, is not fun!
Ellenora Ellenora 7 years
Another great tip is to take a cold bath with either Quaker oats (yep, the stuff your mom used when you had chicken pox) or with a packet of Aveeno's Soothing or Skin Relief Bath Treatments (both have oats in them). It may feel weird to bathe with oats, but they're natural skin soothers and help reduce itchiness and redness while deeply moisturizing the skin.
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